Original German WWI Nickel Mounted Bavarian M1896 Infantry Pickelhaube Helmet in Relic Condition

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a traditional German first world war Bavarian Mannschaften (Other Ranks) brass mounted leather helmet known as a Pickelhaube, for the Foot-troops (Infantry). The M1896 Bavarian Pickelhaube was the final pre-1914 evolution in a long series of spiked helmets, and is very similar to the M1895 Prussian version. The previous M1886 version featured a cruciform spike base on ALL helmets, both enlisted and officer. Bavarian helmets also featured chin scales on all helmets until 1914, even for enlisted men. The helmet also features the much smaller M1896 Wappen, which replaced the extremely large Wappen of the M1886.

Like all pickelhauben, it was manufactured from boiled leather, lacquered black, and provided with fittings made of brass or German silver, dependent upon the Regt. The protection it offered was very limited and led to the eventual replacement by a steel helmet in 1916.

This helmet features a German Silver (Cupronickel alloy) infantry wappen (front plate) with the Bavarian coat of arms, over the kingdom's motto, In Treue Fest, German for "steadfast in loyalty." The original leather wedges that held it in place are however missing, replaced recently with wooden dowels to hold it in place. The chin strap is missing, and unfortunately this means both cockades fell off long ago.

Overall condition is unfortunately quite worn, and the overall shape is not correct anymore. The interior shows a lot of wear and degradation, and we cannot see any markings at all. The exterior is also somewhat rough, and the front visor trim has completely let go, so it is only held on by the split pins on the end. The metal components have fared better, so the non-removable top spike is still good, and the rear spine has the correct vent opening, which is still functional.

Overall a very nice relic condition Bavarian Infantry pickelhaube, a great addition to any collection.

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