Original German WWI Model 1917 n/A Inert Egg Hand Fragmentation Grenade - Eierhandgranate - Fine Condition

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a totally inert non-functional genuine WWI grenade. The Eierhandgranate ("egg hand grenade") is the name given to a model of a hand thrown fragmentation grenade manufactured in Germany, also known as Mod. 1917. A similar grenade called the Model 39 grenade was later introduced by Germany and used in World War II.

Unloaded or dummy grenades, artillery shell casings, and similar devices, which are cut or drilled in an BATF-approved manner so that they cannot be used as ammunition components for destructive devices, are not considered NFA weapons. This example is in total compliance and is NOT AVAILABLE FOR EXPORT.

This is a fine example of the second type, called the Eierhandgranate M1917 Neuer Art (Egg Hand grenade New Model), with the raised central fragmentation band. It is in non ground dug condition (as often encountered), and retains the original black painted finish. The original zinc and steel screw off fuse is present.

A perfect chance to complete your WWI ordnance collection with a hard to find German grenade!

Germany entered World War I with this single grenade design: a heavy 750-gram (26 oz) ball-shaped fragmentation grenade for use only by pioneers in attacking fortifications.

It was too heavy for regular use on the battlefield by untrained troops and not suitable for mass production.

This left Germany without a standard-issue grenade and improvised designs similar to those of the British were used until a proper grenade could be supplied.

This was accomplished with the design of the Stielhandgranate ("Stalk Hand Grenade), under the name M1915 (Model 1915). This design was refined several times, however there were still some situations where the somewhat cumbersome design was found to be lacking.

This led to the development of the Model 17 Eierhandgranate ("egg grenade"), a small defensive and offensive hand grenade. It was small, and the average soldier could throw it 40 meters or farther. It was more portable than the heavier Kugelhandgranate and less awkward to handle than the stick grenade. The body of the grenade was initially smooth and thus difficult to hold so the design was modified with the addition of a raised band to provide better grip, as well as provide additional fragmentation ability.

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