Original German WWI MG08 Machine Gun ZF12 Optical Sight with Leather Case

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Just received from England, having been in a private World War One collection which was first established in the 1920s. The last surviving family member now having passed, the collection has been sold off.

Thiis a ZF12 Optical telescopic sight made by Emil Busch A-G, Rathenow (Germany). It is stamped Emil Busch A-G, Rathenow on the exterior of the leather carrying case, and again on the right side of the optics frame. Sight comes complete with the leather eye socket piece still in place. The optics look great and appear to be fully functional.

The interesting part of this sight’s history is that this cased optic has survived in excellent working order and condition, despite having been struck by a British .303 caliber bullet on an angle across the top of the leather case. Amazingly the bullet missed the optic and even more amazingly the bullet, which must have been almost spent is still present! Assuming this was not an accident we have what can be called a combat pedigree. Such a romantic thought must be worth preserving. We doubt you’ll ever see anything quite like this again!

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