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Original German WWI MG08 Machine Gun Z.F. 12 Telescopic Optical Sight by Emil Busch A.-G.

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Original Item: Only One Available. This a very nice service used example of the German WWI Zielfernrohr (Remote Target Scope) 12 (Z.F.12), a 2.5X power, optical gun sight for the MG08, 7.92mm, Maxim machine gun, as used by Imperial Germany and her allies during the First World War and beyond. It is marked on the side with the number designation, serial number, and maker information:

Z. F. 12.
No 62950

Emil Busch A.-G.

The optics look great and appear to be fully functional. It is however missing the leather eyepiece, as well as the dial on the left side. It appears to have been modified slightly, having an aluminum plate installed on the left side where the dial would have been. It does still retain the lens cover for the objective lens. A great example with some real use and modification from the field. Ready to fit to your MG 08!

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