Original German WWI MG 08 Left Side Receiver Plate Marked DWM

Item Description

Original Item: In 1996 IMA imported just a few parts sets of MG 08 Maxim Machine Guns that had been in government storage since the end of WW1. After all these years we’ve found an old carton with a few LEFT-HAND MG 08 receiver side plates, complete with fussee spring cover stud mounts, internal brackets, and bears original MG 08 Serial number with original "D.W.M. maker stamp!

The MG 08 left side plate differs from the Russian Model of 1905 and 1910 and was used exclusively on the German MG 08 water-cooled Maxim Machine Gun. Refer to the photograph comparing the German MG 08 and the Russian M1910 side plates. Each plate bears the original four-digit serial number, in most cases followed by a lower-case single letter suffix.

Still in great original condition, having been removed from the gun with superb care, much original blue/black finish remains. These are exceptionally hard to find and are unrestricted by Federal Law.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Current BATF regulations, as expressed in a letter from the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, Firearms Technical Branch, dated 23 March 2009, state that the RIGHT-HAND side plate of ALL Maxim- and Vickers-type machine guns are prohibited. Left-hand side plates with a properly mounted cam are legal to own. THE LEFT PLATE OF THE MG 08 IS CURRENTLY NOT PROHIBITED OR REGULATED.

A copy of this letter is posted here and a print version can be provided, upon request, to purchasers of this plate only (note some portions of this letter have been redacted to protect the identity of the initial inquirer, who is a customer of IMA).

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