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Original German WWI Maxim MG08 Anti-Aircraft Spider Sight - Early Model

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Original Item: World War One was the first conflict in which Aircraft played a significant role. As technology progressed all weapons had to be updated and in the case of Maxim (and Vickers) Machine Guns Anti-Aircraft sights had to be retro fitted to many existing weapons. See "The Devil's Paintbrush" by Dolf Goldsmith page 215 for photographic examples both on MG 08 and MG 08/15 models. When declared as surplus by the Turkish Army in 1994, IMA obtained a small quantity of these detachable Spider Sights and now we have reproduced the "drum mounting brackets" so each can be fit to original water cooled Machine Guns that were not modified for AA use 90 plus years ago. We have found two versions of this sight: an early version constructed of two metal rings and individual cross pieces, and a late version constructed from a single piece of stamped steel. This is the early version, which may have repairs due to long service.

After WW1 spider sights became standard equipment on Maxim Guns as the Chinese Model 24 can attest. This was the AA Model Sight design that was the basis in WW2 for both the MG 34 and MG 42 Spider Sights. Now is your opportunity to upgrade your water-cooled Machine Gun to Anti Aircraft capabilities. Original 90 year old Spider Sight Assembly complete with sprung loaded catch fitted with new made "mounting drum" for you to install.

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