Original German WWI M1898 n/A GEW 98 Sawback Bayonet by Simson & Co. with Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. In 1898 with the new Mauser bolt action infantry rifle the military adopted this long bayonet, the Seitengewehr (Sidearm) M1898. This longer bayonet gave an Infantryman the ability to bring a Cavalryman down from his horse, due to the bayonets long reach. Of course Cavalry was soon becoming a thing of the past and these long bayonets were being surpassed by different and shorter versions. At the start of WWI in 1914 this Gew 98 long bayonet was the norm.

This example has a very desirable "sawback" blade, which was intended for use by pioneers to saw through brush and obstacles. They were also issued to machine gun regiments as well as Jäger (hunter) units, who needed the longer reach, as well as the ability to saw through wood. Unfortunately a rumor got out that it was intended to inflict grievous harm on enemies, so a lot of the sawback bayonets had this feature removed, making them hard to find. This example has a blade in very good condition. There is a bit of light staining, but no major rust issues, though the blade has definitely been sharpened several times.

The blade ricasso is maker marked SIMSON & Co. / SUHL, a well-known maker of bayonets during WWI and prior. The company was owned by the Jewish Simson family, so unfortunately in the years leading to WWII, it was "Aryanized", eventually becoming Gustloff-Werke – Waffenwerk Suhl.

There are no visible markings on the spine.

This bayonet is an example of the second model of this bayonet, the n.A. (neu Art) model introduced in 1902, and the grip is made of two halves from wood. After the turn of the century the Germans simplified and strengthened their bayonet grips. The original "alter Art" (old type) bayonet had a grip made of one single piece of wood, which was wrapped around the tang. For more information please see Watts & White, The Bayonet Book, page 120, Item 257.

The bayonet shows minor staining on the blade, as well as signs of sharpening, however it is overall quite nice after years of service. The grip scales are in very good condition, with no cracks, and the carved ribs still very clear and have a lovely color. There are a few scratches and small dents. The bayonet comes complete with its original Steel Mounted leather scabbard, many of which were lost and replaced with "ersatz" emergency issue scabbards.

All in all a nice example of the scarce Sawback M1898 Gew 98 Bayonet of WWI, in good shape with scabbard. Ready to display!

Blade Length: 20 1/2"
Overall length: 35 3/4”
Crossguard: 2 3/8”
Scabbard Length: 22 1/2”

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