Original German WWI M16 Stahlhelm Afghan National Army Used Helmet With Partial Liner - US GWoT Bringback

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Original Item: Only One Available. Now this is a helmet with great history! The helmet started its life out as a WWI German M16, finishing out it’s service amongst the ranks of the Afghan National Army. During my time in Afghanistan, I often encountered WWI and WWII German weapons and equipment, mainly helmets. When Afghanistan was modernizing their military and country in the 1930s, they purchased German surplus items to equip their Armie, using them up into the 1970s.

The helmet itself is quite worn and almost stripped entirely of any paint. It is marked G. 62. over the left ear, indicating manufacture by Gebrueder Gnuechtel A.G., of Lauter i./Sa., who made shells in size 62 ONLY during WWI. There are traces of the “Afghan Green” which is a bright green. Normally you would see the triple triangle insignia of the ANA, but this one does not have it visible. The black-red-green “triple triangle” symbol on the stahlhelms was used successively by the pre-1973 royal army, the 1973-1991 communist DRAA (Democratic Republic of Afghanistan Army), the Northern Alliance during the 1990s, and the current post-2002 Afghan National Army.

The original liner band is still present, however it was “modified” by giving it a wave like appearance so a US M1 style leather sweatband and partial M1 suspension could be fitted to it. The condition of the liner is quite worn and torn, but still mostly complete.

During the years of WWII, the Afghan army had a very similar appearance to the German soldiers of the day. They wore exact uniforms down to the polished leather jackboots. They were so heavily influenced by the Wehrmacht that NSDAP German military advisors were quite impressed and even referred to them as the “Prussians of the Orient”.

This is a lovely example and these helmets are growing increasingly difficult to find in todays market. Many collectors often “refurbish” these helmets back to original German configuration, erasing the continued history of them, this one escaped that fate.

Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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