Original German WWI Infantry M1915 Canteen Feldflasche Lot - Corduroy and Paper Cloth Covers

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 2 Available. The typical canteens used by the Germans during the war were the M.1893 aluminum canteen with cork, the M.1907 screw-top Feldflasche and the enameled steel M.1915 model Feldflasche with cork stoppers.

The M1915 Feldflasche is actually a variation of the M1893 Feldflasche, although due to the shortage of aluminum, the M1915 was first constructed of tinned steel, but the tin wore away quickly and rust in the water was a problem, so construction moved to enameled steel. The basic canteen shape remained the same as the M1893, but the cork design changed to stamped steel caps instead of the aluminum pull. These canteens would have covers made from Steingrau or Feldgrau wool, brown corduroy or even ersatz papercloth, with full or simplified leather harnesses.

The canteens in this lot are in wonderful condition and are complete with their original leather suspension with the correct clips. The ersatz canteen has what appears to be sword damage of all things and looks like it possibly saved someone from a nasty slash. The canteen with the corduroy cover is in solid condition much like the papercloth, however, the leather straps are extremely dried and cracked and has duct tape holding it together around the portion that covers the cork stopper.

These are two lovely canteens and no collection is complete without a few! Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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