Original German WWI Infantry M1915 Canteen Feldflasche

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an original WW1 German Model 1915 infantry canteen in a very good condition with minimal and only time related wear. Earlier models came with a shoulder strap but this model did not, only with a steel clasp.

- The inside metal is enameled steel, it has a curved shape and has no unintentional dents, though some minor rusting around the metal can be seen if the canvas cover is removed.

- The brown canvas is in very good condition, with a few minor holes or loose strings and the fabric can be removed entirely and will be completely fine and flexible.

- The cork is also in good condition, its still soft, and the stopper cap is still attached to the flask by a canvas strap.

- The steel clasp opens and closes.

Overall a really nice condition genuine    Great War German Infantry Canteen that would have seen time in the trenches!

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