Original German WWI Infantry M1915/17 Ersatz Canteen with Cover by Emanuel Kahn dated 1918 - Feldflasche

Item Description

Original Items: Very Few Available. Just purchased at a resent military show! These are original Imperial German WWI Model 1915/17 infantry canteens (Feldflasche), in the "last ditch" or Ersatz (replacement) configuration. At the start of WWI, Germany was still using the M1907 Wool Felt covered Aluminum canteen, however the scarcity of the metal led to it being replaced soon after the start of the war.

The resulting M1915 had a body made of far more plentiful steel, with either a zinc or enamel coating to prevent oxidation. Earlier models came with a shoulder strap but this was quickly replaced with a simple steel clasp. The cover material also moved on from felt to simpler types of cloth including corduroy. By the end of the war, shortages led to "papercloth" being used as a substitute for both the cloth cover and leather straps. The metal press snaps on the sides were also replaced with a black tie cord.

These last ditch canteens are all offered in good condition, with intact covers and black side lacing. Most still have their original cork stoppers, however some do have tears in the strap for the belt clip and stopper.

Each was originally marked on the back (Can be illegible):

Emanuel Kahn
Karlsruhe 1918

This company also made helmet covers during the war, and also produced these late war "last ditch" canteens. Once plentiful on the market, these have become very hard to find. These would make a great addition to any WW1 Collection. Ready to display!

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