Original German WWI Era Prussian Province of Saxony Fire Department Officer's Belt

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice WWI Era German Fire Department Officer's belt, from the Province of Saxony, also known as Prussian Saxony. This is an area of Prussia that had once been part of the Kingdom of Saxony, but was ceded or returned to Prussia in 1815 by the Congress of Vienna. These belts would be worn with the standard fire officer's uniform of the time.

The belt is fabricated from a thick leather, smooth dark brown upper, raw underside with the typical long leather tab with two rows of holes, which allow the pronged end clasp to adjust the length of the belt. Overall this belt is about 37-38 inches long when let out all the way.

It has a plated bronze buckle on the right end, which has the Saxon shield surmounted by a spread-winged Imperial eagle, which indicates that it is for Prussian Saxony, and not the Kingdom of Saxony. This itself is surrounded by a laurel wreath, and the back of the buckle has a clip for attaching to the end clasp.

Condition is quite good, with lots of the original plating present on the buckle and clasp, with some bronze showing through on the wear points. The belt is in great shape, with minimal wear, and is currently somewhat stiff. The belt does not appear to have seen much use at all.

A very nice and interesting WWI Era German belt, ready to display!

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