Original German WWI Belgian Occupation Lille Depot Manufactured Ersatz Flare Pistol

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fine example of an Ersatz Flare Pistol manufactured during the war. It is mostly cast and lacks the detailed finish as seen on earlier weapons. These flare pistol's were manufactured in occupied Belgium for the German forces in the field at the Lille Depot. It is 13" overall with heavy steel barrel with a side mounted push button latch and hinge opening. The pistol is armed by pulling back a heavy spring plunger cocking mechanism. One one side of the wooden grips are a" Kdtur LILLE" (Kommandantur Lille) contract stamp.

The German occupation of Belgium of World War I was a military occupation by the forces of the German Empire between 1914 and 1918. Beginning in August 1914 with the invasion of neutral Belgium, the country was almost completely overrun by German troops before the winter of the same year as the Allied forces withdrew westwards. The Belgian government went into exile, while King Albert I and the Belgian Army continued to fight on a section of the Western Front. Under the German military, Belgium was divided into three separate administrative zones. The majority of the country fell within the General Government, a formal occupation administration ruled by a German general, while the others, closer to the front line, came under more repressive direct military rule.

The flare pistol is in great, mostly sound condition. The pistol still cocks and dryfires properly. The breech still opens correctly and the firing pin still protrudes properly through the base. The wood exhibits signs of extensive use with cracking and chips present.

A great example of an Imperial German Ersatz Flare Pistol! Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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