Original German WWI Bavarian Model 1886 Infantry Officer Pickelhaube With Überzug And Carry Case

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The earliest of the Bavarian pickelhaube models, this is a genuine model 1886/87 officer’s Pickelhaube from a line-Infantry Regiment. The helmet's typical leather body is in overall very fine condition with some crazing, without any major dents, or imperfections; metal fittings (cruciform, chin scales, wappen, spike) are all brass colored alloy exhibiting minor wear without any major issues and now exhibit a wonderful gray patina.

The Bayern Pickelhaube model 1886 was first worn by Bayern officers on 01 April 1887. The Infantry, Jäger, and Artillery Mannschaften (Other Ranks) were gradually equipped with the Pickelhaube from 1887 to 1890. The helmet features a large Bayern Wappen (front plate), the spike is fluted and secured onto the helmet with a cruciform spike base, and the front visor is squared.

The Bayern Pickelhaube M1886 Wappen (front plate) features leaves intertwined in the legs of the lions. The M1886 Bayern Wappen is enormous, and is by far the largest of all Imperial German helmet Wappen. This example is excellent and has the correct Bavarian coat of arms, over the kingdom's motto, In Treue Fest, German for "steadfast in loyalty."

Pickelhaube has a wonderful correct Bavarian blue and white kokarde (cockade) on the left side, with the red and black Imperial German kokarde on the right. The rear neck guard is loose at the seam but still entirely attached. The cruciform spike base is complete and still tight to the helmet.

The interior of the Pickelhaube is in excellent condition. It has a correct brown leather sweatband that is entirely intact with a fully intact silk lining. All the metal hardware securing metal fittings are present and period.

Included with the helmet is its original fabric helmet cover. Thought by some to be a product of the First World war, the Überzug ("Pull over" or helmet cover) was first introduced for general issue on 17 May 1892. The brass and German silver fittings on all pickelhaube helmets, although very attractive in garrison, proved to be highly reflective and were determined to be a liability in the field. For this reason, a cloth Überzug was introduced to be worn by all ranks on all helmets when in the field. This need was later negated in 1915, with the introduction of oxide coated steel fittings.

Lastly is the original storage/carry case for this wonderful helmet. The case is in wonderful condition and exhibits no signs of any extensive damage with all hardware present and still functional. The leather straps do show wear and crazing but they are still solid and function properly, though as always you must use caution when manipulating leather this old. The interior padding is still present as is the manufacturer label.

Overall a very nice early model Bavarian officers Pickelhaube in fine condition.

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