Original German WWI Bavarian M1886 Landwehr Infantry Officer Pickelhaube Helmet with Parade Plume

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is fantastic traditional Imperial German late 19th Century Bavarian Officer's brass mounted leather helmet known as a Pickelhaube, for the Landwehr or Reserve Foot-troops (Infantry). This example is particularly nice, in that it is mounted with an original correct Trichter (Funnel) and white infantry Haarbusch (parade plume).

The M1886 Bavarian Pickelhaube was the final evolution in a long series of spiked helmets, and is very similar to the Prussian version. The M1886 version features a cruciform spike base on ALL helmets, both enlisted and officer. The star retaining pins on the base definitely identify this as an officer. It also has a correct M1886 unmodified wappen, which still has the branches and Laurel-leaf ornamentation around the Lions, often removed in 1914.

Like all pickelhauben, it was manufactured from boiled leather, lacquered black, and provided with fittings made of brass or German silver, dependent upon the Regt. The protection it offered was very limited and led to the eventual replacement by a steel helmet in 1916. Regardless of the unit, officer Pickelhaube share common features such as: the undersides of visors are lined with red and green, larger and more ornate officers kokarden were attached, and "egg & dart" Perlring was utilized around the base of the top spike

This helmet features a correct large model 1886 Landwehr / Reserve wappen (front plate) with the Bavarian coat of arms, over a bandeau marked with the kingdom's motto, In Treue Fest, German for "steadfast in loyalty." The wappen is held in by the correct bolts used on officers models, though the right side lug has broken off, so it is only currently secured on one side. The convex brass chin scales are in great shape, with complete leather backing front clasp and intact buckle.

It is complete with the ornate Bavarian (blue and white) and German National Colors (red white and black) Kokarden (cockades) held in place by the chin strap. In 1897 the new Reichs-Kokarde in Red-White-Black was introduced for all ranks to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kaiser Wilhelm 1st. The Reichs-Kokarde was to be worn on the right side of the helmet, and the state Kokarde was moved to the left, as on this helmet. Unfortunately most of the paint on the cockades has flaked away, so only traces can be seen on both sides.

The top of the helmet has a wonderful Trichter (spike extension) topped with a white Haarbrusch (plume), which is in great shape. The cruciform pike base underneath has lovely "egg and dart" perlring around it, typical of the officer design.

The helmet's interior reveals no depot marks on the red-lined back visor, and the front visor is unmarked as standard, and has lost the green lining. There is no size marking, but it seems to be around a size 56-57. The lacquer finished leather is in great condition having no serious issues, just the usual light cracking. The shape of this pickelhaube is preserved well, though the heavy top spike has caused the top to cave in slightly. The front and rear visor stitching looks to be fully intact, and hasn't rotted out as many do. There seems to have been minimal leather shrinkage on this example, and it displays great.

The inside liner is still present, complete with the original silk skull cap, with some light wear and deterioration. The sweatband is black doeskin leather, and is retained very well, and the cream colored silk skullcap is in good condition, as shown. The silk is in great shape, something we rarely see.

Overall an extremely impressive Bavarian Infantry Officer pickelhaube, a great addition for any serious collector!

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