Original German WW2 1M Stereoscopic Rangefinder Model 1936- Enfernungsmesser R36

Item Description

Original Item: This model was one of the most widely used optical rangefinders in the German Wehrmacht during WWII. In the words of one German source, A light rangefinder for all branches of the service, especially suitable for moving targets on the ground and in the air. The name in German is Enfernungsmesser 1-meter Raumbild [Model] 36 [1936], and this is abbreviated on the top cover of the transport case: Em.1m R.36.

The manufacturer of the rangefinder was Carl Zeiss of Jena, Germany’s foremost optical instrument manufacturer both then and now. It comes with a rare collection of original accessories, most packed in the original case, but also a complete set of support harness equipment for the operator. Although one occasionally sees an Em 36 on the market, the harness equipment is never seen.

Equipment included in the transport case includes, in addition to the rangefinder itself, a 1-meter calibrating slat with built-in dual bipod legs; a like-new steel battery box; rain protection tubes; a power distributor/rheostat assembly; two lamp holder and cable assemblies; six extra bulbs; a small combination tool.

The support harness is a beautifully made assembly, consisting of a V-shaped shoulder and back support that hooks into the ammunition pouches on the front of the normal belt. Attached to the back of the V support is a flat triangular steel case for the rangefinder scissors supports and cross tie.

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