Original German Pre-WWII Walther Model 28 Leuchtpistole LP28 Flare Gun Wartime Upgraded to LP34

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very interesting example of a Pre-WWII Leuchpistole model 28 )LP 28)27mm flare signal pistol, which was then arsenal re-fit during WWII to bring it up to LP34 standards. Both the LP28 and LP34 were part of the continuing development of Walther Signal pistols.  This example has the correct Walther Pre-War "Banner Logo" on the left side of the frame, along with the official name of the factory:

Waffenfabrik Walther Zella-Mehlis (Thür)

As originally produced, the LP28 was made entirely of blued steel, had a set of checkered wooden grips, and has a rather small trigger guard. This made for a relatively heavy flare pistol, which was hard to operate with a gloved hand, so changes were made for the next step in flare pistol evolution. The frame and barrel were changed to anodized "Duralumin" alloy, the grips changed to checkered bakelite, and the trigger guard enlarged. The internal mechanism was also simplified, removing the interrupter that prevented the breech from opening when the pistol was not cocked, which also prevented it from being dry fired when the breech was open. The result was the LP34.

This particular example started life as a pre-war produced LP28, but it was then refit at arsenal, making it a hybrid of the LP28 and LP34. The steel barrel was replaced with an aluminum alloy one, the wood grips were replaced with bakelite, and the larger trigger guard and breech lever were installed. These parts were probably from a damaged LP34, and the frame serial number 26970 L does not match the barrel serial number beginning with 377. During wartime, refits such as this were common, as there was no reason to dispose of perfectly good parts.

The pistol has a waffenamt proof on the trigger guard, however the barrel was painted black, obscuring any markings there. The checkered dark brown bakelite grips are in perfect superb condition, with just a bit of wear on the corners. It still has the often missing screw in lanyard ring, as these were removable, so the pistol could be mounted to a device that allowed remote firing from a nearby tree or fence, sometimes with a trip wire.

It is fully functional with a nice sharp original firing pin and clean bore. This is a great chance to own a German Flare pistol with some interesting history. Ready to display!

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