Original German Pre-WWI KAR 88 Cavalry Carbine - Dated 1892

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. German Kar. 88 Bolt Action Carbine, manufactured by V.C. SCHILLING / SUHL / 1892, serial # 3117 (matching), cal. 8mm, with 18" barrel and good bore, S marked over the chamber to indicate modification for the S-PATRONE cartridge introduced in 1903 (we do not recommend firing the S-cartridge in this carbine), this short carbine was intended for use by cavalry units.

In 1892 this was cutting edge technology as the Gewehr 1888 Mauser rifles and carbines were the first to use the 7.92mm cartridge that replaced the 10.4mm used in the Mauser 1871/84 tubular magazine rifles.

This little carbine used a 5 shot box magazine and was extremely popular. It was superceded in 1898 with the introduction of the Gew 98 rifle also in an updated version of the same caliber and many 88s were updated and then marked with a small "S" on the receiver ring to indicate it could be used with the upgraded ammunition.

Both the Mauser Model 88 and 98 rifles and carbines saw extensive use in WWI. During the Great War cavalry was quickly becoming a thing of the past once trench warfare was introduced.

By WW2 the Germans had adopted the Mauser 98K Rifle, again in the improved 7.92mm caliber, this rifle was shorter than the Gew 98, longer than the carbine, and became the standard.

Rare 1892 dated Mauser Kar 88 Carbine, only 37" in overall length, federally classiefied as an antique due to its pre-1898 manufacture date.

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