Original German Named Model 1889 Prussian Infantry Degen Sword by Weyersberg & Kirschbaum

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This Prussian Infantry Degen is very nice and named, it is inscribed v. Götz Schwanenfliess with regimental marking R.S7.

The hilt of this sword is a very fine brass example, still having some areas of the original gilded finish. The pommel area, which extends slightly down the backstrap, is plain along with the pommel cap.

The D guard is also plain, extending downward into a three tiered basket hilt. This basket features a beautifully rendered Prussian eagle with the cypher of the Kaiser on his breast, WRII. This bird clutches a scepter and an orb in his talons. The feathering throughout the bird is nicely done and show much hand-enhancement. The reverse of the basket hilt has a downward pressed section which has the name of the original owner professionally engraved upon it; it reads v. Götz Schwanenfliess with regimental marking R.S7.

The grip is of carved wood with sharkskin covering. This sharkskin retains traces of the original blue color and is tightly wrapped with twisted silver wires. The wire has opposing twists for contrast. In the center of the grip is a Prussian crown set above the Kaiser's cypher WR2.

The scabbard is also very nice, being a black painted example. The scabbard has two carrying rings meaning this is an early sword, as the change from two to one ring began in 1906.

The blade of this sword is a large, straight example, with dual fullers that run all the way to the tip. The blade is in beautiful condition, having outstanding nickel-plated surfaces with minor wear and scuffing from inserting and removing from scabbard.

The ricasso has the Knight and King logo, along with the initials W.K. & C. beneath it (faded). The original red blade buffer is intact and in place.

A very nice example here with lots of interesting research potential!

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