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Original German MG 34/42 Basket Belt Carrier Drum - Postwar Apple Green

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Original Item: In yet another major military surplus coup, IMA is proud to announce the arrival of these original Basket Belt Carrier Drums designed to carry one 7.92×57mm Mauser caliber fifty round Ammunition belt for the MG 34, MG 42 or Yugo M53 Machine Guns.

Offered in very good to excellent condition, these are genuine military surplus. Once plentiful, these have become very hard to find, thankfully we have acquired the last known stocks in the world. These, appearing to be un-issued or lightly used, came directly to us from Military storage depots in Europe.

Painted Postwar Apple Green, no promises of visible markings, expect unmarked or post war markings. Regarding fitting, based on our experience, if a drum does not fit, and there is no visible defect, the problem is most likely the feed tray of the gun. They are made from sheet steel, and very often have been bent out of shape. We have to make adjustments to the feed trays of display guns we have to make sure that the drum fits.

Belt is not included but is available separately.

This is nothing more than a carry drum it is NOT a magazine and therefore is not prohibited by law in high capacity magazine banned states.

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