Original German MG 08 Maxim WWI Turkish Produced Ring Mount Tripod

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. The Maschinengewehr 08, or MG08, was the German Army's standard machine gun in World War One and is an adoption of Hiram S. Maxim's original 1884 Maxim Gun. It was produced in a number of variants during the war. The MG 08 remained in service until the outbreak of World War II due to shortages of its successors, the MG 13 Dreyse and the MG34. It was retired from front-line service by 1942.

The Maschinengewehr 08 (or MG08) so-named after 1908, its year of adoption, could reach a firing rate of up to 400 rounds per minute using 250-round fabric belts of 7.9mm ammunition, although sustained firing would lead to over-heating; it was water-cooled using a jacket around the barrel that held approximately one gallon of water. Using a separate attachment sight with range calculator for indirect fire, the MG08 could be operated from cover. Additional telescopic sights were also developed and used in quantity during the war.

We are proud to offer a beautiful rare original Turkish produced tripod that was used for German M.G. 08 machine guns just after WWI and into WW2. Often called a "Ring Mount" tripod, these require an additional adapter (not included) that attaches to the mounting posts on the water jacket of the MG.08. This attachment style is very close to those used by the Finnish M/09-21 and M/32-33 Maxim machine guns. This tripod may have also seen use in Finland during the WW2 period.

Condition is a bit "barn fresh" but very good, with no real issues except for the usual deterioration of the leather. The elevation mechanism works correctly, and the legs fold up as they should.

We have not had one of these for years, so act fast!

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