Original German-made South African Boer Mauser M1871-Style Reversed Quillon Bayonet with Scabbard

Item Description

Original item: Only One Available. Made in Germany and marked on the blade SIMSON & CO./ SUHL., this looks just like a German Mauser sawback 1871 bayonet, complete with brass mounted leather scabbard. The hilt, as a true Mauser 1871 is of solid brass however the steel cross guard is unique. It resembles the TURKISH M-1887 and M-1889 forward leading hook quillon cross guard however has been mounted in the REVERSE direction, sloping backwards, rendering it totally useless for what the Hook quillon guards were intended for. In this position it would be useless to entrap one's opponent's bayonet blade, and be useless for rifle stacking in a tripod, so only the butt plates came in contact with the earth.

For years it was assumed that this was just a Turkish variation however recent research has identified these type bayonets being exclusively manufactured for the Boer Settlements in South Africa who had two wars with the British. In any event this is a hugely rare bayonet made all the more captivating with its clear relationship to the legendary German Mauser 1871 Saw Back Bayonet.

In very good condition, this was recently acquired from a large European Collection. Ready to display!

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