Original German Late WWII 2nd Model Naval Dagger with Lightning Bolt Scabbard & Portepee

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fine Solingen-Produced totally original WWII German 2nd Model Naval Dagger, complete with the original "lightning bolt" style brass scabbard. Additionally, it also has an original bullion portepee tied in the correct Naval style, making for a great look.

This example looks to have been purchased later in the war, as many of the appointments are a simplified style. The pommel eagle has a nicely vaulted design on the Swas it is sitting on. The crossguard is the standard type, and has the portepee wrapped around it. The grip is in very good condition with a bit of age, but still has a great original ivory color, with minimal fading or discoloration. The original wire wrapping is no longer present, and we do not see any remnants, just some impressions in the groove where it would have been.

The portepee itself is in good condition, though it does show light wear and some oxidation, which has given it a lovely golden hue. It definitely has been tied on for some time, as indicated by the oxidation and wear pattern, and is most likely the original purchased with the dagger. Scabbard locking button is present, however the spring inside has failed, so it no longer holds the scabbard in place.

The blade is a very good example, in bright steel as opposed to the often seen nickel plating. It is unetched, so this was probably purchased by a Junior grade officer, or one that didn't want to spend the extra expense on etching and plating. The tip of the blade is just a bit oxidized, and the original felt blade buffer is in place. There is no maker mark on this dagger, but that is not uncommon in the later war period. Production was rushed, and many companies would purchase raw blades and install their own fittings.

The gold washed steel lightning bolt scabbard is in very good condition, and is straight with no dents that we can see. It is stamped with well-defined palmettes around the bands and lightning bolts, ermine feet and acanthus leaves down to the chappe. The bands feature overlapping oak leaves and acorns. The ring ferrules are the triple serrated type, and the rings are still present. The throat is retained by two dome headed screws on the narrow sides, which do not appear to have been removed. The finish overall is still mostly the gold wash, though in places the steel base metal can be seen.

Overall a very nice example of a hard to find dagger, with a nice scabbard and portepee. A worthy addition to any knife collection. Ready to display!

Blade Length: 9 3/4"
Overall length: 14 3/4”
Crossguard: 3”
Scabbard Length: 11 1/4”

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