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Original German Jäger Battalion Marked Model 1871 Hirschfänger Parade Bayonet with Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This excellent pre WWI 1871 Jäger Bayonet is quite stately, fully nickel plated with a triple etched blade and "fire blued" panels. This example was intended to actually fit onto the Mauser 1871 Rifle, which is unusual as many were never machined to fit and also lacked the catch assembly. This design is based on Hirschfänger (Deer Catcher) long hunting daggers in use in the German area for centuries, and was the perfect thing for a Jäger (Hunter) Unit.

It is etched with hunting scenes on one side, the other with a battalion marking. All hilt components are of polished steel. The pommel is free of major rust and contains very light wear. All components are in working order; the large crossguard is fitted with a quillon on one side, while the other side has a muzzle ring. Crossguard and locket both contain the matching unit numbers 7. J. 2. 145..

The grip is made of classic black checkered bakelite, a precursor to modern day plastic, and contains no cracks or flaws, though there is some slight wear around the spine. The grips five rivets are all there, with no cracking around them either. The long leather scabbard shell is free of cracking or flaking and there are no issues with the stitching. The scabbard's polished metal chape has almost no wear, while the finial reveals a touch of rust. Overall, it is in very fine condition.

The most impressive part of this bayonet is definitely the blade, which has a wide fuller extending almost the whole length of the blade. It exhibits slight use and age, with no serious rust spots and only some slight pitting. As is correct for a parade bayonet, it is completely blunt. It is triple etched on both sides; one side depicts a traditional hunting motif with a dog, deer and does, foxes, forest setting, while the other side is etched in German Blackletter typeface with Weftf. Jäger Bat. No. 7,  indicating Royal Prussian Westphalian Jägerbattalion No. 7, AKA the Bückeburg Jägers. This type of Jäger bayonet was worn by hunters, who also served in military Jäger formations.

A prestigious example of pre Great War bayonets.


Blade Length: 19 1/2"
Blade Style: Hirschfänger w/ Fuller
Overall length: 26
Crossguard: 41/4
Scabbard Length: 21"

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