Original German House of Hanover Halberd from time of American Revolutionary War

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Original Item: Only One Available. Good King George III was not only the King of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and a growing number of overseas Colonies but he was also the King of Hanover in Germany.

The House of Hanover followed the House of Stuart to the British Monarchy with King George 1 in 1714 and although they are now called The House of Windsor that was only an expedient name change during World War One. Todays Queen Elizabeth II is actually latest Monarch of The House of Hanover.

We all remember from our School days how the British used German troops in the Revolutionary War especially the Hessians but they also used the Hanoverians as well. In fact, a few of Burgoyne's eight regiments at Saratoga Springs in 1777 were Hanoverians.

This Halberd (aka Partizan or Spontoon or any other name it was referred to as) dates from the period of 1760-1790 and bears the gold filled line engraving of 'The Crowned Horse of Hanover' on each side of the blade. This is precisely what Junior Officers and Sergeants carried into Battle during the Revolutionary War. The day of the pike had waned but a weapon such as this was a sign of Rank and was easily visible across a field of Battle before the Cannon smoke had obliterated everything.

This particular pike comes from the disposal in 2005 of the contents of the Hanoverian Royal Palace of 'SCHLOSS MARIENBURG' in Hanover, Germany, then the property of Prince Ernst August of Hanover. Much of the really high profile material was sold through Sotheby?s in auction (Catalogs are still available online).

So here we have a magnificent Original Sergeant's Halberd, similar examples illustrated in

'SWORD BLADES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION' by George C.Neumann, (a truly wonderful book) please see Pages 209 (item 68.PA) and 221 (Item 120.PA).

In lovely matured condition complete with much gold inlay remaining in the 'Crowned Hanoverian Horse' cypher. The original wood Shaft even retaining it's original spiked iron bottom mount.


91' overall length

14' iron head

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