Original German Franco-Prussian War Era Commemorative The Three (Kaisers) Emperors League Wall Hanger (“Handkerchief”) for Berlin 1872 Featuring Kaiser Francis Joseph (Austria), Kaiser Wilhelm I (Germany), “Kaiser” Alexander II (Russia);

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is an authentic 1872 "The Three Emperors' Meeting in Berlin (September 5-12, 1872)" commemorative wall hanger or handkerchief. It measures approximately 27" X 25" and is printed on cotton or linen cloth. The title of the piece is "3 Kaisers in Berlin" and it is dated September 26th, 1872. The captions are in both German and Russian, and the image quality is superb, with brilliant and vivid colors.

The condition of this piece is very good, if not better. There is some softening and wear to the corners and edges due to handling and storage, and a few small holes and minor repairs. Please refer to the images for a faithful and representative depiction of the hanger.

A great example ready for further research and display.

In the aftermath of the German unification in 1871, the political landscape of Europe was rapidly transforming. The newly formed German Empire, under the leadership of Kaiser Wilhelm I, had emerged as a dominant power on the continent. To maintain the fragile peace between the European powers, the German chancellor Otto von Bismarck proposed the creation of the League of Three Emperors, also known as the Three Kaisers League.

The League consisted of Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm I, Austria's Emperor Franz Joseph, and Russia's Tsar Alexander II. They pledged to cooperate in efforts to maintain peace and the status quo in Europe. This alliance aimed to isolate France, which was still reeling from its defeat in the Franco-Prussian War.

The League lasted intermittently until 1887, and during this time, the emperors cooperated to maintain peace in Europe. However, the Russo-Turkish War and the Congress of Berlin in 1878 created tensions between Austria and Russia, which eventually led to the dissolution of the League. Despite its eventual failure, the League of Three Emperors remains an important moment in European diplomatic history, representing an attempt to maintain peace and stability in the face of shifting power dynamics.

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