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Original German Early WWII SA Dagger by Hugo Linder Deltawerk Solingen - Named USGI Bring Back has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

Original German Early WWII SA Dagger by Hugo Linder Deltawerk Solingen - Named USGI Bring Back

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Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is one of the best early pattern SA Daggers that we have ever had. It was made by firm of Hugo Linder Deltawerk in Solingen, the legendary "City of Blades" in Western Germany. It has solid nickel silver fittings throughout, and comes compete with the original leather belt hanger. The crossguards and tang nut are in very good condition throughout with all fittings still having their brightness. There is a little age to these mounts but there is no lifting anywhere. There are some light scratches and cuts, showing that the fittings are in fact solid nickel silver. The tip of the scabbard has dent on the end, but otherwise is still in good shape.

The grip is a fine product having a nice chestnut color and having medium center ridge construction. This grip is in very good condition and fits the crossguards like a glove. The runes button is nicely set, and still has all of the enamel intact. The Plating is a bit worn at the edge, but otherwise solid. The grip eagle is a fine example being the style with beak that points straight. The details are still there to the eagle to include the beak, breast feathering, wing feathering, talons, wreath and mobile swastika. The nickel plating is still fully intact.

The scabbard shell is straight throughout and is the early style with a brown anodized and lacquered finish. Overall it is in good condition, but the lacquer has aged and started to bubble up in places, obscuring the color of the anodized finish. The scabbard shell is equipped with fine matching nickel mounts, as used on the anodized scabbards. The throat is in excellent condition, though the tip guard ball has been dented, as the nickel is more easily dented than the plated steel used later. They nicely match the crossguards and are complete with all four dome head screws.

The blade of this example is marked HUGO LINDER DELTAWORK in an arc around the Hugo Linder logo: a Grape Vine leaf in a triangle. Below that is the city of manufacture, SOLINGEN. The blade is is in excellent condition, with runner marks being the only real source of wear. The original factory cross grain can still be seen throughout the blade, and the blade has not been sharpened since the factory.

The acid-etched Alles für Deutschland SA motto is crisp, and still retains almost all of the factory darkening. Additionally, an engraving pen was used to mark the Army Serial Number Charles Rotter, the soldier that brought them back: CO 324247207.

CW4 Charles G. Rotter USA who in his long career patrolled the US/Mexico border on horseback as a Cavalryman, served as an M4 Tank Commander in WWII, missed Korea, and served in Vietnam as a Logistician to include supporting Montagnard tribes fighting alongside the US SF troops. A fascinating professional soldier who followed his military time by serving a second career as a Zookeeper at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, CO.

Overall an excellent example of a hard to find dagger offered at a nice price,  personalized to the soldier who brought it back from Germany.

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