Original German Captured French M1842 Saber Bayonet Reissued in Regimentally Marked Ersatz Scabbard

Item Description

Original item: One of a Kind. Here is a very interesting French M-1842 brass hilted Saber bayonet, captured by the Prussians in the Franco/Prussian War of 1871 and pressed into German service thereafter. These bayonets were originally for a .71 caliber M1829/46 Mousqueton de Artillerie (Artillery Carbine), and continued in French service for decades afterwards, with the last issued gun being the M1859 Minié Carbine (Minié Rifle).

The bayonet is in fine condition however the various markings on the iron cross guard have been partially erased so it is impossible to determine if these were the original French of the later German Regimental markings. Overall length of the bayonet is 27 inches, with a 22 inch "Yataghan" style saber blade.

The later German ERSATZ scabbard retains the REGIMENTAL MARKINGS of :- 9. L.I. 3. 147.. It is a typical German Scabbard expressly intended for use with this French M-1842 Bayonet. It is fitted with the typical German style long frog stud as would be expected.

Very hard to find an original example of this very rare German re-issued bayonet. In fine condition and ready to display!

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