Original German 8mm Danish WWII Madsen Tripod Mount

Item Description

Original Item: Very few of these remain in stock. Our Madsen tripods have a particularly important place in the history of machine guns; the Madsen tripod was the FIRST machine gun tripod to incorporate SOFT RECOIL. This feature greatly reduced or eliminated the effect of the gun's recoil on accuracy. The soft recoil feature allowed the gun to recoil straight back against a spring, which then returned the gun to its original position. THIS FEATURE WAS COPIED BY THE GERMANS IN WORLD WARII IN THEIR MG 34 AND MG 42 "LAFETTE" TRIPODS. The Madsen tripod was the FIRST to incorporate this feature, and thus has a very important place in the history of German tripod development.

Tripods offered in good condition, each is all original expect for the new made clamp that secure the barrel of the MG to the mount. Leather slings are only available with hand select best in stock. Make sure to note in the hand select requests if you want to receive complete slings. Remote triggers are no longer available for these, as many were removed in arsenal.

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