Original German 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger with Double Etched Blade by Emil Voos

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Recently discovered in the attic of a deceased WW2 veteran this is a typical WW2 bring-back that was forgotten about for nearly 70 years. This Emil Voos produced 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger is a nice example and is equipped with choice generic mounts.

These mounts have the pebble pattern style pommel with oak leaves going around a double circle that encloses a mobile swas on both sides. The pebbling throughout the pommel is also nice and crisp. The cross guard is also the generic type featuring the large pebble pattern on the reverse. The obverse features a Luftwaffe eagle flying to the viewer’s left. The detail is outstanding throughout this bird’s wings, head, breast feathering, talons and smooth mobile swas that he clutches in his claws. These generic cross guards are easily identified by the large pebbles on the reverse as well as the slight cantilever of the upper portion of the obverse cross guard that goes over the eagle’s wings. The upper quillons have cast in oak leaves and acorns.

The ferrule of this example nicely matches the pommel and cross guard. The grip is a deep orange example. There is no cracking! This grip has beautiful tones and wire wrap is in excellent complete condition.

The scabbard is a standard generic type in airplane gray finish and is straight throughout. The pebble pattern is also nice and crisp. The bands are the normal white metal type featuring oak leaves running around the circumference positioned on forty-five degree angles. The throat of the scabbard is retained by two dome head screws, these screws are unturned.

The blade of this example is an outstanding double etched variety having a 80% nickel-plated finish. The nickel-plating at the tip is absent. It features a most pleasing Arabesque design on both sides with frosted background, highlighting the raised plated areas. The center of the obverse blade features a Luftwaffe eagle flying to the viewer's right. The highly detailed rapture clutches a mobile swas in one of his talons. Beneath each wing is a sprig of laurel leaves complete with berries - amazing the detail that is rendered on these etches! The blade etch terminates with a "arrow" figure, above which are three dots descending in size making this a choice blade. The original brown pebbled leather blade washer remains in place.

A very nice as found example priced reasonably. No collection would be complete without one of these desirable daggers.

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