Original German 18th Century Ivory Gripped Hunting Hanger Flintlock Pistol by J. Hock of Mainz

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Original Item: Only One Available. Just lovely, an 18th century German Hunting Hanger fitted with an integral flintlock Pistol signed:


Today Maynz is spelled Mainz. 17" blade with remains of floral engraving and brass cross and shell guard with depictions of hunting scenes, overall length 23". The hilt is wonderfully carved ivory displaying what appears to be a lion's head snarling.

Behind the shell guard a flintlock pistol has been mounted with long exposed trigger and extended stirrup main spring. The pan and breech of the barrel is engraved brass, the iron screw off cannon barrel itself is only 1.75" in length.

A most striking huntsman sidearm, the flintlock pistol intended to dispatch wounded game or for self-defense. This is a classic 18th century German hunting accoutrement from a recorded maker of repute.


Hirshfanger=Hirsh Fanger=stag catcher

hirsh=stag or deer

fangen=to catch


The *Hirschfänger* is the traditional German hunting sword equipment.

It is used to bleed out the prey.

Used by German hunters for many centuries.

Was a coveted War Trophy by American GI's during WWll.

As towns were captured on German soil, the Burgermeister was instructed to gather all

weapons to the town square. This would include firearms and edged weapons. The advancing

soldiers took souvenirs, many of which were the *Hirschfängers*

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