Original French WWII Ruby Pistol Holster Dated 1934

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The self-loading Ruby pistol is best known as a French World War I sidearm, the Pistolet Automatique de 7 millim.65 genre "Ruby". A very international piece of weaponry, it was closely modeled after John Browning's M1903 design.

In 1914, just before the start of the First World War, Gabilondo started manufacture of a sturdy self-loading pistol based on the Browning Model 1903 and chambered for the 7.65mm Browning/.32 ACP cartridge. Unusual for the time, the magazine capacity was nine shots instead of the usual six or seven. Ruby-types continued to be used until the end of World War II, particularly by Spanish and French Maquis, as well as their Vichy opponents.

This is an excellent leather holster with a clear ink stamp date of 1934. It is in wonderful condition and barely looks used.

Interestingly there is an American GI pistol permit for Munich Air Base APO 1948 also included with this holster, however, the sidearm was credited as being Czechoslovakian, which would have been the FN Model 1903 a very close pistol in size and design to the Ruby.
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