Original French WWII Mle.1935 Inert Anti-Tank Mine with Camouflage Paint

Item Description

Original Item: Only One available. Now this is really neat! We have not had one of these before, and it's definitely an interesting item. This is a FRENCH Anti-Tank Mine Modèle 1935, which required 800 lbs of pressure to make it detonate. It is painted in Camouflage stripes and is constructed of very heavy steel plates. It has the form of a box with a hinged lid standing slightly ajar on it's upper face. Normally this would be held closed by the retainers on the base plate, however the retaining lip on the lid was torn off during deactivation.

When buried and run over by a large vehicle, namely a German Tank, the lid depresses and crushes the detonator into the the high explosive and up goes the tank. On opening our example you will see the explosives contained has been partially slit open when the charge was removed making the mine INERT. The entire apparatus is covered in camouflage paint and the underside of the lid carries the French data information. Measures approximately 16" wide, 10" deep, and 6" tall.

A very hard to find WW2 French Tank Mine totally inert and ready to display!

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