Original French WWII MAC mle 1931 "Reibel" Machine Gun 150rd. Drum Magazine

Item Description

Original Item: Only One available. The 7.5 mm MAC mle 1931 machine gun (Mitrailleuse modèle 1931 - machine gun, model of 1931), was a machine gun used in French tanks of the World War II era, as well as in fortifications such as the Maginot line. It is also sometimes known as the JM Reibel, from Jumelage de mitrailleuses, or Reibel twin-mounted guns and really refers to the specialized twin-mounting frame used in JM cloche cupolas on the Maginot Line fortifications, while MAC mle 1931 refers specifically to the gun. The JM twin-mounts were the standard emplacement for the mle 1931 in fixed fortifications, while tanks and other AFVs received single guns.

This is a very nice original 150 round drum magazine for the MAC mle 1931, which was mounted sideways on the weapon, and even has copper indicators on the side to ensure proper mounting. It still retains the original aluminum carry handle / winder, though it is slightly bent, and one side has a partially popped rivet. It still properly depresses the center button when pulled.

The top is marked MAS N 06436, which indicates it was manufactured by Manufacture d'Armes St.-Étienne, one of the major arsenals in WWII Era France, which has a history extending back well into the 19th century.

Condition looks to be very good, with wear and areas of light oxidation. We assume that it functions, but we have no way to test it. Very interesting and ready to display!

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