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Original French WWI Trench All Steel Fighting Knife - Le Nettoyer des Tranches

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Original Item: Only One Available. The development of TRENCH WARFARE in WW1 lead to many front line innovations. The British used field made TRENCH CLUBS and the French used field made TRENCH DAGGERS.

This is a known example of the local front line production of a simple but effective dagger that French pressed into service. This particular style became known as "LE NETTOYER DES TRANCHES", which translates to :- "THE CLEARER OF TRENCHES".

Constructed entirely of steel, it is extremely basic, providing a ghastly blade of 5 1/2", with an overall length of 10 1/2". There is als a rudimentary steel belt hook on one side. There are known larger versions as well, measuring as large as 13" overall with 8 1/4" blades.

Reference can be found in FIGHTING KNIVES by FREDERICK J. STEPHENS, illustration 98, published by The Arms and Armour Press in 1985.

Very basic but very rare after 100 years. Ready to display.

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