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Original French WWI Salmson 2 A2 reconnaissance Aircraft Propeller circa 1918

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Original item: One Only. Developed based on 1916 requirements, the Salmson 2 A2 was a French biplane reconnaissance aircraft developed and made by the French firm of Société des Moteurs Salmson. It was in fact the most widely used reconnaissance aircraft in the final year of the war. A versatile two-seater biplane featuring a new Canton-Unné radial engine, it was also employed as a daylight bomber and ground attack aircraft by French and American air services. At the end of the First World War, one-third of French reconnaissance aircraft were Salmson 2s.

The Salmson 2 developed from a requirement to replace the Sopwith 1½ Strutter and Dorand A.R. reconnaissance aircraft in the A2 (tactical reconnaissance) role. Salmson had built the 1½ Strutter under license, and the Salmson 2, while an original design, owed more to the Sopwith than to the earlier Salmson-Moineau. The aircraft was of conventional construction with a two-bay biplane configuration, powered by the company's own Salmson 9Z water-cooled radial engine of 230 bhp. Some minor control problems were quickly resolved in early testing, but the main defect of the Salmson 2, shared with the contemporary Airco DH.4, was that the pilot and gunner were seated rather far apart, making communication difficult. Production was ordered after trials on 29 April 1917, and deliveries were underway by October of that year. Around 3,200 Salmson 2s were built in France, 2,200 by Salmson and the remainder by the Latécoère, Hanriot, and Desfontaines, companies

This propeller is made from 5 laminates of hardwood, most likely walnut or mahogany, the preferred woods for propellers. The overall length is 6 feet 9 inches. The markings on the central portion indicate that it probably was fitted to several different airplanes over the years, as there are also two sets of bolt holes.  One side is manufacturer marked for Salmson:


CU 260


The other side of the hub has several rows of overstamped markings, but does have No 3749 stamped twice. Overall a great chance to have a magnificent display piece from Ww1 for the wall.

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