Original French WWI Model 1916 Suffocante Gas Grenade with Billant Fuse - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is totally inert BATF compliant genuine World War One French Grenade Suffocante modèle 1916 (Suffocating Grenade Model 1916) tear gas grenade. It was dug up some time after the war, cleaned, and painted a lovely black color. It features a M1916 Billant fuze, which replaced the percussion igniter used on the M1914 Gas Grenade.

Several kinds of suffocating grenades were already in use in the French police before the war. These were adapted from those, and made more military friendly. They were originally constructed with tin or other corrosion reducing liners, as the gas liquid is highly corrosive.

This example has the expected rust damage from being buried, but still has a great look. This is the first example of this type we have had and it is ready to add to your collection!

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