Original French WWI Lebel M.1886 Brass Handle Cruciform Épée Bayonet with Steel Scabbard and Frog

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Known affectionately as “Rosalie” to French troops, the M1886 was the French mainstay during WWI and many were still in service at the Fall of France in 1940. The Lebel also saw extensive use worldwide by native troops in the French colonies. The M1886 introduced the distinctive cruciform blade, which remained a feature of most French bayonets until 1956. This was intended to create such a terrible would that because of it's shape torn open very easily condemning the poor recipient to a very painful and long recovery.

The bayonet design underwent many revisions during service history. The very first model is identified by a brass grip with a very small steel tang rod shown on the pommel of the bayonet. This was swiftly replaced with Nickel grip with a much larger tang nut one allowing easier disassembly of the bayonet in field workshops. After WWI had started, the need to conserve Nickel resulted in the grips being made again out of brass, which is what this example is. This bayonet also escaped later modifications, and retains the long 20 1/2 inch blade.

The bayonet is marked C & P on the blade, which is a known but unidentified private contractor marking. There is also serial number F J 25659 on the crossguard. Condition is very good, with a lot of the original finish present, and a lovely patina on the hilt.

The included scabbard is still quite straight, with some grease and oxidation on the outside. It is housed in an original leather frog, which has degraded somewhat, but is still mostly intact, as shown. The stitching is still good, but there is overall deterioration from age and wear. Also part of the scabbard retaining strap is broken off.

A very nice example of a WWII French "Rosalie" bayonet, complete with scabbard and frog. Ready to display!

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