Original French WWI Grenade Bag Model 1916 - Musette de Grenades

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available: This is a genuine french "Musette (Sac) de Grenades" from WWI Modèle (Model) 1916 used to carrying eight grenades. A variety of grenades fit including the Grenade de Guerre (war grenade) VB (Vivien-Bessières), Grenade à Main Défensive (defensive hand grenade) Modèle 1915 and Grenade à Main Offensive (offensive hand grenade) Modèle 1915.

Offered in very good complete condition with the blue hue of the canvas still present, each leather pocket is intact with a nice French ink stamp inside the inner flap. Shoulder strap has no visible tears or fraying. A very rare item to find in such wonderful condition! A perfect addition to any Great War Collection.

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