Original French WWI 75mm Field Gun Brass Shell Casing Trench Art Vase circa 1917

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind This is far superior to the usual type of Trench Art we are all used to seeing. Clearly transformed, almost as Folk Art, this brass shell casing is now a beautiful vase.

The base of the shell is marked in a circle around the primer with 75 DEC over A.R.S. L.902 17??. The first marking indicates this shell casing is for the Canone 75mm De Campagne or 75mm Field Gun, the standard artillery piece during WWI. The bottom marking indicates that the shell was made by Atelier de Construction de Rennes, Lot No.902 in what looks to be 1917. The second number in the date code is unclear, but appears to be a 7, or a 3.

The top of the casing is overlaid with beaten embossed pewter, with Grape vine leaves and grapes, a very fitting ornamentation for a French shell casing. The pewter has settings for THREE semi-precious stones, one of which is missing, but easily replaced, this is now quite stunning. Measures 10 inches tall, and 3 3/8 inches across at the base.

To us its Trench Art, the Antiques Roadshow might call it Folk Art or Art Nouveau! Ready to display!
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