Original French WWI 37th Regiment Artillery Officers Pre-1914 Tunic With Trousers and Leather Leg Wraps

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. Now this is an incredible and rather rare matching uniform set. The uniform set itself is in wonderful condition with a great 37 unit designator on each side of the cuff collar. Information on this regiment is rather difficult to locate, making this an excellent research opportunity.

During World War I, France was one of the Triple Entente powers allied against the Central Powers. Although fighting occurred worldwide, the bulk of the French Army's operations occurred in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Alsace-Lorraine along what came to be known as the Western Front, which consisted mainly of trench warfare. Specific operational, tactical, and strategic decisions by the high command on both sides of the conflict led to shifts in organizational capacity, as the French Army tried to respond to day-to-day fighting and long-term strategic and operational agendas. In particular, many problems caused the French high command to re-evaluate standard procedures, revise its command structures, re-equip the army, and to develop different tactical approaches.

The tunic is “Pre-1914” and is dark blue wool of a finer cloth than that used in the greatcoat; single-breasted with one row of nine small buttons (model 1871) in brass with flaming grenade in relief. The lining is black polished tightly woven wool and is retained very well. All buttons and adornments are still completely attached and quite appealing. There are scattered moth nips present but nothing that subtracts from the beauty of it. The trousers are also pre war era in similar condition.

A lovely WWI French Officer uniform that comes more than ready for further research and display.

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