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Original French Pre-WWI Clarion Bass Trumpet Bugle with Shoulder Strap c.1855-1915

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a real monster, a French "CLARION," or over sized Cavalry Bass Trumpet/Bugle used in North Africa in the 1880's/1890's and up through World War One. Technically this is a bass field trumpet in Eb, but the archaic Medieval name of a Clarion is often used for these. The instrument takes a standard small shank trombone mouthpiece. Normally this would be tuned by pulling out the mouth pipe, however due to a bend it is currently siezed.

The top of the bell is stamped with the Manufacturers initials and address of:-

5. Place St. Thomas d'Aquin

The instrument Stands approximately 22" tall, with its bell having a 7 1/2" spread at the end of the flare. This is really impressive. A bit battered and bruised, no doubt due to its many warlike encounters. It even retains its original leather body sling so the Trumpeter did not lose it whilst riding a Camel or Horse.

Old and Romantic, ready to display!

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