Original French Napoleonic Wars Modèle 1777 Hussar Light Cavalry Saber and Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Light cavalry played a key role in mounted scouting, escorting, and skirmishing during the Napoleonic era. Light horse also served a function in major set-piece battles. While lacking the sheer offensive power of heavy cavalry, light cavalry were still extremely effective against unprepared infantry, cavalry, and artillery. All infantry commanders were forced to respect the danger any cavalry presented to their forces, and light cavalry were effective at changing the movement of enemy forces simply through their presence. In the aftermath of battles, light cavalry were used to press a victor's advantage or to screen retreating forces from further attack

This French Napoleonic Hussar light cavalry saber was used by a variety of units, officers, and noncommissioned officers. The sword features a curved blade with a wide fuller that is decorated with blued panels for about 1/3 of its length. The panels each feature elegant gold washed motifs which include panoplies of arms and scrollwork. Obverse ricasso is maker marked with "A.S.", a marking we have not identified. The brass hilt features a crossguard that terminates with a teardrop quillon and forms into a stirrup shaped knuckle bow. Brass languets help secure the wood grip, which is wrapped with leather and grooved to accommodate twisted brass wire which is still present and has a tiered pommel with backstrap. Complete with brass scabbard

The blade exhibits a bright patina with scattered areas of pitting on the blued panels. Motifs retain most of their gold wash. Hilt exhibits a pleasing patina with nice grip that exhibits scattered blemishes and handling wear. Brass scabbard also exhibits a pleasing patina with decent traces of original gilding and a few scattered dents.

A lovely example ready for display.

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