Original French Napoleonic Nicolas Noel Boutet Double Barrel Flintlock Shotgun

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. As seen on History Channel's Pawn Stars, this is an exquisite exceptionally rare French shogun manufactured by master gunsmith Nicolas-Noël Boutet, who was the personal gunmaker to King Louis XVI of France and during the revolution he worked for Napoleon as director of the state arms manufactory at  Versailles. Boutet was one of the great names in the history of gun-making and was charged by Napoleon with creating richly-decorated arms for presentation to military heroes and foreign heads of state. Some of the guns produced in his workshop are considered to be the finest high-art firearms ever created.

Watch IMA's own antique gun expert Alex evaluate and shoot this rifle on History Channel's Pawn Stars:

Nicholas-Noël Boutet (1761-1833)
Boutet was responsible for the manufacture of a great number of firearms during his life-time as an ‘arquebusier’ (gun-maker). Some of his weapons were exceedingly expensive; a set of nine guns and a pair of pistols made for King Charles IV of Spain, who abdicated in 1808, cost 130,000 francs.

Boutet’s work is rare. Examples may be seen in the UK at Windsor Castle, the Tower of London, the Wallace Collection, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and in the City Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow. There are, of course, many in France and in private ownership. There are also examples in Moscow and Leningrad, and several fine Boutet pieces in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

This genuine Boutet example is incredibly detailed and ornate French flintlock double-barreled shotgun was manufactured by Nicolas Noel Boutet sometime between 1805-1812. It features Side-by-side, rich brown round barrels with smooth bores in 15mm caliber (.58" or approximately a 24 gauge) with gilt decorations. The barrels are engraved No. 322 Manuf. a Versailles on the side of the left barrel and Boutet Directeur Artiste on the right barrel.

Composed of plain flat stepped locks beautifully engraved on the faces Boutet Directeur Artiste and the Manuf. a Versailles. The serpentine cocks are of the highest quality, as are the molded frizzens, and have Gold-filled pans. These are ornately carved at the breeches with Boutet’s poincons which are filled with gilt. Silver mounts comprising trigger guard, fore-end cap and butt plate are all highly decorative and excellent quality. The figured walnut stock is finely checkered at the wrist.

Overall condition is excellent and fully functional with no known restoration or replacement parts. This is a truly incredible firearm worthy of any museum quality collection.

Approximate Specifications-
Year of Manufacture: 1805-1812
Caliber: 15mm (.58", 26 gauge)
Barrel Length: 27.5 Inches
Overall Length: 44 Inches
Action type: Double flintlock mechanisms
Feed System: Muzzle Loading
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