Original French Napoleonic Naval Dirk Made from Ottoman Marmluk - captured at Battle of the Pyramids 1798

Item Description

Original Item. One of a Kind. This is not only very rare but extremely interesting. This dirk was "liberated" from a French Museum by invading Germans in 1940 who in turn lost it to the victorious G.I.s in 1944/1945. Still retains its museum label, written in French.

This is an OTTOMAN MARMLUK Sword blade, which was reduced to Dirk size having been "won" at the Battle of the PYRAMIDS, also known as the Battle of EMBABEH on July 21st 1798. This information is all contained on the museum label.

The dirk is 17.5" overall, and the curved blade is about 12" in length, with a sharpened return at the point almost like a Bowie knife. The blade is made from WOOTZ steel, also known as "Damascus" steel. Wootz steel is a laminted-type crucible steel characterized by a pattern of bands, which are made due to the different crystalline structures formed from the various alloys mixed together.

It comes in its all steel scabbard, which has very interesting belt mounting hooks on either side. The grip/hilt is very heavily carved and looks to be a very close-grained wood, or possibly some type of horn.The cross guard and pommel cap appear to both be of iron.

An amazing Dirk by anybody's standards, absolutely original. From NAPOLEON BONAPARTE'S invasion of Egypt in 1798, ready to display.
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