Original French Napoleonic First Empire Brass Faced Carabinier Cuirass Set - Second Empire Reissue

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Original Item: Only one set available. These have become exceedingly scarce. Originally used in the 1st Empire of NAPOLEON the First, many were recycled and re-issued in 1858 for the Carabinier Regiments of NAPOLEON the Third.

These came in various sizes and usually the tapered waist Cuirass sets, as this is, are of First Empire origin. Even by 1858 nutrition had improved and Cavalrymen were of bigger size. By today's standards these men were all waifs but that was a time before fast food and large grocery stores.

Traditionally Second Empire (M-1858) cuirasses were armory marked and dated in script on the bottom inner edges of both front and back plates. First Empire sets were not typically marked and those that were re-issued in 1858 were often "sanitized" so as not to bring to anyone's attention that the Cuirasses were already 50 years old.

This fine tapered waist set has the Second Empire chest badge displaying the French eagle amid a garland of laurel leaves in brass surrounded by a white metal sun burst. The badge is 7" tall by 6" wide.

This set comes complete with the original chained shoulder straps but the leather backings are absent. Similarly the leather waist belt securing back plate to front plate is missing although easily replaced.

A very nice Carabinier brass faced Cuirass set dating from the first empire 1798-1815 then re-issued in 1858 for the second empire which lasted until 1871.

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