Original French Modèle 1842 Yataghan Saber Bayonet by Châtellerault with Scabbard - dated 1856

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Original item: Only One Available. Here we have a very nice example of the French Modèle 1842 "Yataghan" saber bayonet, complete with it original heavy steel scabbard. This bayonet replaced the earlier Modèle 1840 designed for the M1840 Carabine de Munition (Munition Carbine). That had been the first "Yataghan" bayonet, however the blade was not quite heavy enough, and it has a brass crossguard. The M1842 rectified both of these issues and replaced the M1840 in all areas of use. These bayonets were also used by the .71 caliber M1829/46 Mousqueton de Artillerie (Artillery Carbine), and continued in French service for decades afterwards, with the last issued gun being the M1859 Minié Carbine (Minié Rifle).

Overall length of the bayonet is 27 inches, with a 22 inch "Yataghan" style saber blade. This term is derived from the Turkish word for "one who lays down," to describe the downard-sweeping double-curve blade profile. The double-curve added strength and rigidity, while keeping the hilt and point in alignment for thrusting efficiency. It features the ribbed brass handle and leaf spring attachment later used on the M1866 bayonet for the Chassepot Rifle.

The spine of the blade has the full maker and model information:

M"re Imp"le de Chât"t - Mars 1856 = T. B. M"le 1842

This is the abbreviated form of "Manufacture Imperiale de Châtellerault - Mars 1856 = T. Baïonnette Modèle 1842", or Imperial Manufactory Châtellerault - March 1856 = T. Bayonet Model of 1842. This is exactly how this bayonet should be marked.

Condition is very good, with just some light peppering on the blade, and a lovely patina on the handle. The tip of the blade is a bit rounded, but otherwise there are no other issues we can see. The Scabbard is also in great shape, with no denting, bends, or other issues. just some light rust peppering in areas.

In fine condition and ready to display!

Blade length: 22 1/4”
Blade Style: Single Edged "Yataghan" with Fuller
Overall length: 27”
Crossguard: 4”
Scabbard length: 23"

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