Original French Model 1822 Percussion Conversion Musket Dated 1829 - U.S. Civil War

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. French .69 caliber, 39" rifled round barrel, octagonal at the breech with proof marks and date. Started life as a flintlock musket later converted to percussion with rifling added. The lock is marked:


Mre Rle
de Mutzig

All iron mounts with a 39" barrel and 54" in overall length. There are remnants of regimental markings on the breech of the barrel still in evidence which reads: 9 L 1 B. 3C. 25 but were later struck out. The right side of the breech bears the dated 1829.

At the time of the rifle conversion the gun was re-serial numbered 3033 which seems to appear everywhere on most all of the parts including, oddly enough, on the face of the percussion hammer.

There is what is left of a French arsenal rondel stamp in the wood butt on the right hand side and also a well inlaid brass plate in the butt stock which appears to have stamped unit numbers markings. Most interestingly on the left side of the wood butt, high up near the butt plate there is a very faint stamping of S.C. which could indicate use by the State of South Carolina. This model musket conversion was occasionally used by Confederate forces during the U.S. Civil War.

Offered in good fully functional condition, a very nice nearly 200 year old long gun that very probably saw use in the American Civil War.

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