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Original French M1874 Gras Bayonet Converted to WWI Ersatz Bayonet for Belgian 1889 Rifle - dated 1881

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is an original French M-1874 GRAS Bayonet dated 1881, which was converted in World War One to be an ERSATZ (Emergency / Replacement) Bayonet to fit a Mauser Rifle, probably a Belgian M-1889 Rifle. The T-shaped spine of the bayonet is marked Mre d'Armes de St. Étienne Avril 1881, indicating original manufacture at the arsenal in St. Étienne, during April 1881.

The blade has been shortened from 20" down to 12", the hook quillon was removed, the muzzle ring was modified to an un-adjustable ring and a portion of the pommel has been machined away at the rear. The Bayonet comes with it's original scabbard shortened to the new length of the bayonet blade.

These ERSATZ Bayonets were converted by the Germans basically to make them fit multiple rifles, even captured models that the Germans were pressing into service in WWI. All such unusual Ersatz bayonets are very sought after and very hard to find. Ready to display!

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