Original French M1777 Flintlock Musket Converted to Rifle in 1822

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fascinating antique long gun. It is French and was made at the Royal Armories at St. Etienne as the line Musket adopted in 1777. As such it could have seen service during the later part of the American Revolutionary War, the French Revolution itself and right through the Napoleonic era that culminated with the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

After Napoleon was finally exiled to St. Helena this musket, together with many thousand others, were returned to government stores. In 1822 it was selected to be re-barreled with a rifled barrel that with 1820's technology had become economically viable. It was never converted to percussion in the 1830s and probably remained in some military backwater until it was sold off as surplus very possibly for use in the U.S. before the civil war.

In amazingly good tight condition it is a long gun that saw a lot of history both in Europe and North America. Still fitted with the early M-1777 lock and iron mounts and with it's later rifled barrel, wood butt still retains various arsenal cartouches.

Offered in nearly excellent condition.

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